Monday, April 15, 2013

A day to remember

Let this be a reminder
A string wrapped around my finger if you will
That for five months I was out of commission
It was not a bad 5 months
Trying? Yes
Would I want to re-live it? Not sure about that one yet ;)

I experienced some truth, grace that I have never experienced.
I saw Jesus wash over my sin and bring me back to life
He tended to my every need
He answered my every cry
He showed me who I was in Him

I became free to live
Free to be the woman He created me to be
Free to sing, dance and share that joy with those around me
I got a glimpse of who Jesus created me to be
And to not be ashamed of that woman
She is a free woman
Created by a Holy God
Created with a purpose
Deeply loved by Her Maker

So whenever days get tough
When you run into those people that make things a little rough,
Just remember that time you longed to return to work
Remember that time you were almost dancing around the store
The joy that marked your face and voice
Never, ever forget that beautiful day
April 15th, 2013.

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