Saturday, April 27, 2013

On Rest

Before getting sick and having days off, I'd try and fill my days off with social events or do my best to "make the most of that day". However, I'm now beginning to see that somedays the best thing I can do on my day off is take care of me. Whether it be reading a good book, spending time with The Lord, having a bubble bath, cooking away (yes slowly cooking relaxes me) or even having a nap, all these things refresh and recharge my body.

In order to work hard and with Joy I need adequate rest. For me that is spending time with Jesus, having a nap and maybe a bubble bath.

One thing I really believe God helped me see is how to rest with a joyful attitude. I used to grumble at the fact that my body needed rest and I could not do everything I wanted. But in that season, He began to show me the benefits of resting in Him. I would have joy, wisdom and strength from Him in the more trying and difficult situations.

So, here's to rest and the goodness I've experienced from it.

What does rest look like to you? Is it something you appreciate or something you know you need to do?

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